The training courses

During the ESTERDAD training, the participants will be introduced to a variety of topic, such as:


  1. The world’s antiquities market
  2. Differentiating between the legal market and the black market
  3. Understanding the international conventions, local laws, and laws in the major market countries
  4. Proper documentation of artifacts
  5. After identifying a stolen artifact, what measures should be taken to build a case for repatriation?
  6. Protection of cultural property in times of war and unrest
  7. The role of international organizations in times of war
  8. How to raise public awareness


The course will comprise two separate five-day “weeks” of intensive training by international experts on the matter.


Simultaneous translation will be made available. Each invited expert will provide supporting written material. Participants are welcomed to present the situation of the trafficking of cultural property in their countries.


At its successful conclusion, course participants will be awarded their certificate of attendance at a ceremony. At the end of the course, participants will be encouraged and supported to follow the market and try to repatriate or at least stop the sale of some objects identified in sales galleries or on websites through the preparation of clear and comprehensive dossiers that can be supplied to relevant law enforcement or juridical authorities.


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